Managed Services

From monitoring to proactive maintenance, user connectivity support and beyond, we are here to ensure your IT infrastructure runs at peak performance around the clock, allowing users to stay connected to their resources as needed at all times.

Detect and prevent IT issues before they affect your bottom line

Deploit Group offers a deep understanding of technology, business management and growth strategies to manage your company’s IT Infrastructure. Our technical knowledge and business expertise will help you drive your company forward.

We will help you to maintain a stable, secure IT environment and will provide technical support for your users. We are also able to help you plan an IT strategy that minimizes costs, increases productivity, efficiency and empowers your business to grow.

Your business relies on your computer systems now more than ever

It’s critical to guarantee that every computer application is up to date, every file is safe and functional and every server is running at top speed.

Properly Managing your computer systems can save you money, but keeping every piece of your IT platform optimized and working in perfect synergy takes a team of committed and qualified professionals.

Manage your business while we manage your IT needs technical_support

All too often, business leaders find themselves spending significant time managing their IT infrastructure instead of focusing on growing their business.

DeploIT guarantees that technology will no longer be a source of frustration for your team, your customers or you. DeploIT will allow you to focus on what matters the most: the strength of our business and organization.

Managed IT Service Benefits

◦ Proactive Monitoring: alerts our engineers of potential issues.

◦ Proactive Maintenance: keeps systems up-to-date with patches and updates, cutting down on support issues.

◦ Safety: guarantees your systems are up-to-date and malware free.

◦ Compliance: helps you ensure you are meeting regulatory compliance standards.

◦ Connectivity: support makes sure your users always have access to the system needed.

Technical Support: addresses issues as they arise.

◦ Recommendations: to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your systems and business processes.

◦ Fixed price: knowing in advance how much you will be investing each month so you can manage your budget efficiently.

¡ Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing IT experts are monitoring your system!

From cutting-edge cloud solutions to hardware and software procurement, and everything in-between, your satisfaction is our passion. Innovation is in our DNA. Give us a call or send us an email to schedule your first appointment today. We are waiting for your call.

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