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Deploit Group is a leading name in IT with Headquartered in Miami, we proudly offer a myriad of services and products designed to simplify and streamline your life – from cloud and managed services to infrastructure solutions, hardware and software procurement, disaster recovery, and beyond. We cater to any business of any size; from the smallest of startups to the vastest of enterprises. We carefully select the most trusted industry experts around; committed to turning their prowess into your success.

Our versatility, as fast pacing IT company, supported by a state of the art data center and dedicated team of certified highly trained professionals, provides a resourceful pull of key services at a virtual and on-premises level.

With ongoing peace of mind, you can focus on what matters: Growing your business and maintaining your competitive edge.

At Deploit, we are committed to delivering crucial value support to complex IT projects, daily operations, as well as to bridge customers to the most advanced cloud computing models.

Deploit’s success resides on its work excellence, reliability, customer satisfaction, and innovative cloud infrastructure.

From cutting-edge cloud solutions to hardware and software procurement, and everything in-between, your satisfaction is our passion. Innovation is in our DNA. Give us a call or send us an email to schedule your first appointment today. We are waiting for your call.

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